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ORCID hosts webinars, events, and meetings to provide updates on ORCID and to explore topics of interest to the community.

ORCID Community Town Hall

Download the above document to learn how to use the Q&A and translation features of our webinar platform. We are delighted to invite you to attend the ORCID Community Town Hall meeting on March 28, 2023. To accommodate our global audience, we’ve organized two separate instances of the event. The ORCID senior team will share […]

ORCID’s Affiliation Manager – was er ist und wie man ihn benutzt

In diesem Webinar, das von ORCID und dem österreichischen ORCID-Konsortium organisiert wird, werden die Details der Funktionsweise des Affiliation Managers sowie die Bedeutung und der Nutzen von Affiliationen im Rahmen von ORCID erläutert.Unter anderem werden die folgenden Punkte behandelt:

Enabling Value featuring The Lens: Showcasing ORCID-enabled scholarly service providers

Introducing Enabling Value, a webinar series showcasing how ORCID-enabled scholarly service providers enable fast and simple registry interoperability for ORCID member organizations and other scholarly institutions. This first session features The Lens and will focus on the new Lens Profiles, a tool built to support researchers to enhance and maintain their ORCID records.  Featured Speakers […]

The Global Participation Fund: Building Equity in Research for the Common Good

We are delighted to host this webinar session to give more details about the second round of the Global Participation Fund (GPF). During this webinar, we will cover the background of the Fund, the objectives and structure of the grant, what we look for in a grant, what a complete application looks like and finally […]

I’m a Member, Now What?! — Custom Integrations

The fourth session in our I’m a Member, Now What?! webinar series is all about Custom Integrations. ORCID member organizations have many options when it comes to integrating with ORCID (learn more about these options and about the systems that offer an ORCID-ready solution in the Integrating with ORCID webinar, available on-demand). This session will […]

Identificadores Persistentes (PIDs) y la Ciencia Abierta en América Latina

Novotel Buenos Aires 1334 Avenida Corrientes Buenos Aires, CABA

DataCite, ORCID y ROR tienen el agrado de invitar a la comunidad de investigación latinoamericana a participar de un evento enteramente dedicado a los identificadores persistentes y la ciencia abierta en la región. Dirigido a directores y gestores de investigación, bibliotecarios y personal técnico, en este encuentro hablaremos sobre los beneficios de los identificadores persistentes […]

I’m a Member, Now What?! — Beyond Integration: Benefits of ORCID

The fifth session in our I’m a Member, Now What?! webinar series is all about the benefits of ORCID beyond integration. Integration with ORCID is a key component of successful ORCID adoption, but it’s not the only factor. Effective ORCID adoption may look different for each member organization, and in this session we will focus […]

I’m a Member, Now What?! — Workflows

The sixth session in our I’m a Member, Now What?! webinar series is all about Workflows. ORCID implementation is different for every member organization, and it may be difficult to distinguish the best workflow for your institution. In this session, we will highlight the basic steps to implementing ORCID identifiers, provide examples of workflows for […]

I’m a Member, Now What?! — Affiliation Manager

The seventh session in our I’m a Member, Now What?! webinar series is all about the ORCID Affiliation Manager. The ORCID Affiliation Manager, an exclusive tool available to consortia members, allows you to add affiliation data to your researchers’ ORCID records quickly, without the need for a developer or specialized IT knowledge. In this session, […]

I’m a Member, Now What?! — How to talk about ORCID

The eighth session in our I’m a Member, Now What?! webinar series is all about how to talk about ORCID. As an ORCID member, your institution has likely taken many steps to implement ORCID throughout your internal research ecosystem. But how do you encourage your researchers to contribute to this ecosystem? This session focuses on […]